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The Role Playing Gamers Charitable Association (RPGCA) is a volunteer driven Non Profit Organisation that aims to create inclusive gaming communities that are accessible and fun for all.


We believe the best way to champion inclusion is through interaction and learning. We recognise RPG’s innate ability to break social and emotional barriers through story and play. The RPGCA uses Role Playing Games as the means to raise awareness and encourage interaction between diverse groups of people.


of Singaporeans agree that Singapore is an inclusive society


of Singaporeans are uncomfortable interacting with children with special needs


of Singaporeans are supportive of the idea of inclusive education


Community Building

Building an inclusive community of gamers is a team effort. We regularly organise games to keep the community engaged and relevant. Together we develop new ideas and programmes and that would make gaming more accessible and fun for all.

Inclusive Gaming Programmes

The RPGCA develops and playtests new methods that would make RPGs more accessible to people with disability. We provide opportunities for diverse people to interact and play in a safe environment. 

Charitable Fundraising

With the support of Local Social Service Organisations, we organise charity fundraisers that encourage Role Playing Gamers’ to contribute financially to meaningful causes. Funds are raised through donation boxes, sale of merchandise or through in game mechanics.